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Artist Spotlight | Sean Abrams

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Sean Abrams' most recent single, ‘Extra Terrestrial Baby’, was not at all what I was expecting it to be when I first heard it. In fact, it nearly resembled the feeling of walking through a haunted house - in the best possible way.

Dark and mysterious bass notes act as the initial guides that lure the listener in just before getting passed on to distorted and disturbed guitar notes that you can’t help but get stuck in your head.

The song then unfolds with unexpected notes and elements shifting gears like moving staircases until they finally melt together in a way that almost makes the song comparable to something you might hear Mac Demarco create - almost.

The lyrics paint a picture of isolation and hunger for authentic connection, sung by a subject that feels as if they are wobbling on the line that separates loneliness from solitude. The entire song, from this humble listener's perspective, is about embracing one's ‘lone-wolf’ state while they hold out for a type of company that brings something worth having to the table.

This idea is best represented by the beginning verses [Sitting in silence/counting my toes/No friends around/Accompanied alone] and [When it comes to hightailing/I have to say no/I can’t confide/In some Jane Doe].

Both emphasizing the tone of a stranger who is headstrong about protecting their peace from hollow encounters. Which, on another note, I find the song itself mimics stylistically with the aforementioned twists and turns taken that nearly spell out “Connoisseurs of outsider music only”.

If you want something different, if you want something fun, if you really like Muse or the song ‘Haunt’ by Daniel Johnson - be sure to check out this fantastic piece and artist, here.

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