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Starting a SoundsRiot

Updated: May 22, 2021

The Big Launch

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Lets Get Weird

Welcome to SoundsRiot, a creative blog with the mission to spread love for music, art, people, and self. SoundsRiot is founded on the belief that community and unified action - fueled by collaborative joy, is an unstoppable force.

Made For People Made by Music

Above all else, love for music is at the core of why we're here. We aim to create a safe and stimulating space where people can share their unhealthy obsessions with the music and artists that mean the most to them.

Welcome music lovers, artists, and activists everywhere - here's to sharing what we love and doing what we want.

SoundsRiot Reader Checklist:
  • Learn more about the founders and mission on our about us page.

  • Connect with us on social: IG - @soundsriot | TW - @soundsaboutriot.

  • For contributions or topic requests, email us at soundsaboutriot@gmail.com.

  • Know an artist we can highlight? Send us their info to the email address above!

  • Talk your shit in the comments below.

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